Rakı - Lion's milk

The best way to drink Rakı, which is famous as the Turkish national drink, is with flat cylindrical glasses and cold (8-10 degree). One can drink it with water, straight, with soda or mineral water.

Although Rakı which is a distilled alcoholic beverage strongly aromatized with lots of anise, it can be consumed as a cocktail, but more commonly it goes best with cold hors d'oeuvres. For example; Russian salad, garlic sauce, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, cold-cuts, fried pastries, cold yogurt soup, brains, shrimp, mussels vinaigrette are followed by entrees such as shish kebab, mixed grilled meats, steak, fish (pan fried, grilled, in the oven) and finally fruit. The type of fruit does not meter. It can be any kind of fruit depending on the season. Especially in Turkey, melon and feta cheese are the best combination for accompanying raki.


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